Chinwag with Steve Bruck [Episode 16]

This weeks chinwag is Steve Bruck. Steve is a regular attendee of the London VMware User Group, and the last time we met up, I managed to corner him our pub (The Pavillion), and teased about when he was going to make a show on my chinwag. Well, after some arm twisting and some vBeers – he finally agreed! Steve is return to a chinwag with a REAL VMware customer using vSphere in the REAL world. I thought it would be nice to balance the usual round of bloggers and vendors I have on the wag.


Steve doesn’t run a blog or tweet – as often too busy doing real work to contribute to the flotsam and jetsam of “social media” that I’m a part of! So I ask him to put together a little bio about himself so folks which would help to explain his background:


“I started in IT way back when the Internet was just fields back in 1989 / 90 working for an NHS Trust IT department. I cut my teeth as a System Administrator for the HR system which was a PICK relational database from McDonnell Douglas ( yes the Airplane guys ). I started poking around the system and started writing some scripts to drag out information from the system that the standard reports seem to neglect. I then moved on to general system admin for all the Hospital’s systems when money was scarce and Windows for Workgroups was the way; then NT 3.51 and finally NT4.0. I dabbled with Unix there and a little bit of VB before moving on to my present employer a National Media company, where I have been for almost 13 years. Through this time I have progressed through System Administrator and Operations roles to my present position as an Infrastructure Architect Team Leader primarily responsible for VMware.


I got involved in VMware seriously around 2007 having pestered management that it “sounds like a good idea” as we were running low on power and rack space in our datacentres. They gave me my head and I’ve run from there. Forcing a Virtualise First mentality and ensuring VMware is taken seriously by the whole company and seen as the infrastructure of choice. Recently I have been playing with PowerCLI and using that to write some scripts to drag out information from the system that the standard reports seem to neglect – Hence Full Circle!”


On the chinwag we had about 10 questions to cover, of which we got through about half. So we chatted about the status of

  • Virtualizing vCenter Vs Physicalizing vCenter
  • USB support in ESX
  • Why would folks buy VMware Workstation/Server if VMware Player now allows you to create VMs
  • The thorny issue of VMware Enterprise Plus licensing

Note: Yes, there is a slight crackling noise on this weeks wag, this only became apparent once the recording was over, as it was still audible, I decided to go with it rather than as Steve to go through the whole thing again.

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