Chinwag with Steve Bryen [Episode 09]

This weeks chinwagge is Steve Bryen.

I first met Steve at last months London VMware User Group. He’s an IT professional based in London, UK. And he’s passionate about virtualization and is very keen to share his experiences and personal opinions on Various Virtualization products. He was first introduced to Virtualization back in 2008. He got sent onto a VMware Training Course that he knew nothing about and was amazed by what he saw. This was when he made the decision that he wanted to be involved with this new up and coming technology. It didn’t take long until he really got addicted to Virtualization, and the great community that support it. He started working with it more and more and even managed to get the word Virtualization into his job title!


As a relatively new comer to virtualization – I thought it was good to see that the technology is bringing new blood and fresh generation into the community. I thought that with a fresh pair of eyes, Steve could give us a less jaded view of the world of IT. Hopefully, it hasn’t made him cynical and jaded (like me!) already! Not to be outdone, Steve already has a blog up and running:



And he’s also on twitter too:



On the chinwag we chat about how Steve got into virtualization – Steve shares with us some of the challenges he’s faced in automating the ESX/vCenter/VM deployment specifically to do with sudo permissions and enabling iSCSI from the ESX firewall. Later on we discuss the future of automation, and Steve share’s his opinions on the cloud – finally Steve describes the “Icecube Datacenter Container”

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