Chinwag with Stu Radnidge [Episode 29]


This weeks chinwag is with Stu Radnidge of He’s an Ozzie based in London working for a large financial institution. Like a lot of bloggers he’s quite active on Twitter too.He also finds time to attend the London VMware User Group too.


Chinwagging with Stu was an absolute hoot, and what ever you do you must watch the first 5 mins!


This was recorded a few weeks ago, before the weather turned – and it was still quite warm.


In the chinwag we discuss:

  • Is VMware eating its own dogfood? We talk about limitations with vCenter availability and scalability – and issues with VMware’s internal QA Process…
  • What is a cloud. Are they fluffy, cumulous, dark or rainy? Will there be a Cloud 1.0 or is it a process not a technology?
  • What does – Removing Complexity from the Orchestration Layer mean in practical terms that an idiot like me can comprehend? And we kind of digress to talk about backup as an example of automation processes in the cloud…
  • Then we got quite philosophical about the IT Industry – comparing it to the airline or car industry.
  • We talk about vBlock from the VCE Coalition
  • Will we see Backup-as-a-service (BaaaaS!) or Monitoring as-a-service – (MaaaaS!) or are we drifting into Everything-as-as-service EaaaaS!?
  • What’s you opinion about VMware’s OEM of Novel SUSE and Standard VP on SUSE. I know folks said VMware would become the next Novell, but I didn’t think they meant literally?
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