Chinwag with Stuart Miniman [Episode 73]


This week chinwag is with Stuart Miniman who is a Principle Research Contributor at Wikibon – focusing on storage, network, servers and virtualization. I first met Stuart at VMworld a couple of times, and we have been bumping into each other there ever since. You can follow Stuart through a number of locations:


Twitter @stu


Personal Blog:


Wikibon Landing Page:


We chatted about a number of topics – here’s my list of questions:


Q. Hey, Stu introduce yourself – can you explain what the heck Wikibon is – and how it came about – and how wound up there.


Q. So now your media/social whore like me? Don’t you find yourself living a rarified “pundit” bubble isolated & removed from the real world?


Q. What’s hot in storage this year?


Q. vPod/FlexBlocks – are a perennial topic – Is a FlexPod not off the peg enough? If a vBlock too rigid and inflexible?


Q. I see you did EUC discussion with TechTarget at VMworld last year – tells what you make of VMware’s EUC vision – can they execute?  Who are they competing with?

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