Chinwag with Tom Howarth [Episode 07]

This weeks chinwaggee is Tom Howarth.

He’s a VMware User Communities moderator, and run his own blog called – Infinite possibilities in a Virtual world. I have Tom’s blog on my feedburner, and we also keep in touch via twitter – if you also want to follow Tom here here:


If you have ever met Tom you will know (like me) that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly – and he’s isn’t shy of an expressing his opinion – all that makes him excellent Chinwag material! I’ve met Tom a couple of times in recent years, usually he has son in tow who works with him. The most memorable time for me was when we found ourselves on the same plane to San Francisco for VMworld. I was sat next to a guy from IDC, and cross the way were a couple of my VMUG friends – and Richard Garsthagen. It was like the plane was just full of virtualization guys! Anyway, mid-way through the flight we ended up having a two hour chinwag on the plane about virtualization.


In this weeks chinwag – Tom tells me about his “brown bag” series with Cody Bunch all about the VMware VCDX process – we discuss certification generally. I also asked Tom for his opinions on VMware View in the light of some of Brian Madden's rather stinging comments about VMware’s virtual desktop solution. It turns out that Tom is writing a book about View, so as fellow author we talked about the challenges – not least Tom’s frustration at not being able to get on to the VMware View 4.5 Beta Programme! Finally, we finished up with a chat about the VMware Community.


This is quite a long chinwag – and quite a funny one too – what with door bells and phones going off. It just show how laid back and relaxed we are on the ‘wag.

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