Vendorwag with Browsium – Matt Heller [Episode 48]


This week's vendorwag is with company called Browsium, who have a product called “UniBrows” (if you listen closely I fluff my ‘lines’ and almost get these the wrong way round!) – and I will be speaking to Matt Heller who is the CEO & Founder. Unibrows has been in development for sometime – and today they formally released the product for general availability – so it’s a bit of scoop for me to have them on my site on the very same day!


This starts a new theme in the vendorwags which is all about application compatibility and application virtualization. Things seemed to get really fired up recently when I wrote an article about Microsoft’s policy towards using tools to run Internet Explorer 6 on the new Windows 7 platform. I must have touched a raw nerve because it generated a lot of traffic on twitter, and inspired a number of vendors to approach me to explain their technologies.


UniBrows focus is on IE6 “problem” and may offer an interesting route out of the compatibility issue – without flouting Microsoft support statement. Of course, the companies plans don’t begin and end with IE6 – and future product functionality and plans are discussed towards the end.


Anyway, here’s a bit background on Matt Heller from Browsium’s website (that’s where I grabbed this picture too – which makes a change from the normal corporate photos!)


Matt  founded Browsium, Inc. after spending several years working with Microsoft customers on Internet Explorer. There he recognized the need for browser related tools and solutions to enable business customers to more effectively manage the browser environment. He started his work with Microsoft during the release of Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP SP2, and has gained extensive knowledge of Internet Explorer as well as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. Prior to Browsium, Matt founded Text’d, LLC a technical services firm building wireless search platform tools, as well as technical product management and marketing services.


These are the questions I asked Matt

  • It’s often been said that problem with making IE6 run on new OSes is because it was so tightly coupled to WinXP. Would you agree?
  • Microsoft seems to be hostile to supporting IE6 as almost a matter of faith – why might that be?
  • Can Unibrows deal with multiple website with multiple demands for different plug-ins
  • and does it support RDS on Windows 2008 for Terminal Services style users?
  • What are the downsides of using conventional Application Virtualization (ThinApp, Spoon etc) to fix this IE6 problem?
  • Unibrows seems quite a niche product, fixing a particular issue at this point time – what secures the long-term future of Browsium, Inc?
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