Vendorwag with DoubleTake - Ian Masters [Episode 21]


“This week’s “Vendorwag” is with the folks at Double-Take Software. Specifically, with Ian Masters of DoubleTake. Ian is UK Sales and Marketing Director at Double-Take Software, and has been advising organisations on their requirements for business continuity, disaster recovery and backup for over a decade. He has a wide background in the virtualisation, storage and high availability space, working across multiple platforms. Recently, he has also entered into the world of desktop virtualisation following the launch of Double-Take Flex.


As for me I’ve been looking increasingly at availability technologies in recent weeks – as I write thought pieces for TechTarget on the subject, and also prepare for presentation at this year’s VMworld. In case you don’t know I will be speaking about VMware Site Recovery Manager. In case you don’t know that’s:


Session ID: BC7773


Title: VMware Site Recovery Manager: Misconceptions and Misconfigurations


Abstract: In the session, Mike Laverick (author of the only two books on VMware SRM) will discuss popular misunderstandings about what is possible for a configuration of SRM, and popular misunderstandings about the product. Drawing from his book, Mike will outline some of the limitations that SRM possess, and how you can work around these with a combination of PowerCLI and SDK. Finally, Mike will discuss what he thinks future versions of SRM will attempt to deliver, and how thinks the technology will evolve in the next 5 years.

So when the “Session Builder” opens in the next couple of days/weeks – be sure to track me down and add me to schedule. I understand folks will be able to walk along and drop into any session without pre-booking. So please make me your chosen destination. I hope to make folks laugh and think – that’s all…


Anyway, back to Double-Take. My vendorwag was quite wide-ranging, and it asked the following questions:

  • Some people might say Double-Take is very rich on the in-guest services, but less so at the virtualization layer – what would you say to that?
  • Double-Take “Move” is similar to tools like PlateSpin’s Recon – what made Double-Take want to get into this area that is already well populated by free tools, and software from virtualization vendors?
  • What is “Double-Take for Virtual Hosts” and why might a customer pick Double-Take over say VMware Site Recovery Manager.
  • Double-Take for Virtual Hosts – offers real-time replication for Hyper-V, but not for ESX. Do you have plans to take the product in this direction?
  • Double-Take Backup – does it support de-duplication and back-up of virtual machine files? Do you plan to add this functionality.
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