Vendorwag with DynamicOps – Leslie Muller [Episode 43]

Leslie Muller


This weeks vendorwag is with cloud automation vendor DynamicOps – I’m talking to Leslie Muller who is the company’s CTO and Founder. Here’s his bio from the DynamicOps website:


As CTO, Leslie Muller is responsible for the company’s technical strategy and product architecture. Leslie has over 18 years of commercial experience as an entrepreneur, developer, chief architect, and executive leader with deep systems management experience and a successful track record in definition and delivery of enterprise software products. Prior to founding DynamicOps, Leslie was Sr Technologist at Credit Suisse, responsible for defining IT virtualization strategy and coordinating deployment. Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Leslie founded several successful startup companies including Configuresoft which provided enterprise configuration management and SeNTry which was purchased by NetIQ and is now part of Microsoft's Operation Manager product. Leslie is intensely passionate about technology and has specialized for the past 10 years, in the application of leading edge technologies to solving of complex problems in the enterprise management domain.


Here’s the list of questions I asked on the call.

  • I understand the DynamicOps came from Credit Suisse – as a in-house solution that then became a company in its own right. How much do you think this history has helped the product and company – how is it's development history different from other ISVs?
  • So far much of the talk surrounding cloud-computing has focused on virtualization – DynamicOps supports both physical and virtual deployments – what role does physicalization have in cloud-computing? Why do you support physical machines? How does the physical deployment process work, given the complexities of raising purchase orders, racking up kit and so on?
  • Some cloud-computing providers use flat image-based templates as the deployment method – what does DynamicOps use, and what limits do you see with a “template-only” deployment process?
  • What barriers/challenges do customers face in adopting DynamicOps and the cloud-computing model generally?
  • In our webex you said that private cloud deployments are bigger than public cloud ones – why do you think that is?
  • In our webex you said “Customers need to automate 10% of the functionality, they use 90% of the time”. Does that mean there’s is 90% of the functionality of virtualization products they simply don’t use/need?
  • Does DynamicOps require vCenter? Does DynamicOps then inherit the dependency and availability issues that come with vCenter?
  • What does REST stand for, and what does it do?
  • What future product functionality are you planning?
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