Vendorwag with InstallFree – Alon Yaffe [Episode 52]

This weeks vendorwag is with Alon Yaffe of InstallFree – and its part of a theme of podcasts that I have been doing with Application Virtualization vendors. Some of these guys picked up on a recent article I did about Microsoft’s stance on virtualizing IE6. But I’m interested in the general usage case of application virtualization. Alon is a seasoned Product Management and Marketing professional with extensive experience in systems management, software configuration management and client virtualization. As ever I worked with InstallFree to learn more about their technology, before us embarking on the Q&A session. Since the recording there has been some developments – and it looks as if InstallFree will have a new release out which add this functionality:


Here’s my list of questions which I asked Alon to answer…

  1. When you “encapsulate” you spin up your own “virtual environment” – it seems to me you have a particularly unique way of capturing software – could you explain how you do this, and why? A lot of application virtualization vendors recommend a clean machine every time you capture an application – is that the case with InstallFree? If your using application virtualization should it matter which OS it runs on.
  2. You have this concept of “Shell Shadow” – can you explain what that is…?
  3. How do you advertise the applications to users – and do you handle user rights and permissions? Do you have a big management system and backend to setup, configure and maintain…
  4. Going forward some application virtualization vendors imagine a day when users might “self-provision” and “self-encapsulate” applications – what does that phrase mean to you?
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