Vendorwag with Karl Robinson of StratoGen [Episode 33]



Before I introduce the vendorwag – just a quick note. For reasons beyond my control, I have a LOT more “vendorwags” than I have “chinwags”. Things are getting a bit silly because in some cases a recording is done with a vendor, and then it can take up 8 weeks before they get aired – simply because I have THAT many in the can. So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing TWO vendorwags a week – and no chinwags – until I clear this backlog…


In this weeks second vendorwag I interview Karl Robinson of StratoGen. StratoGen are UK based hosting provider – and I wanted to talk to them about providing VMs as a service. It’s part of my wider project this quarter to get my inside this whole “cloud” thing… This is Karl’s bio below…


Karl is an experienced sales professional who has spent over 10 years in the IT & Internet Industry, specialising in hosting and hosted services. Prior to founding StratoGen Karl co-founded Cloud Data, another provider of hosted services, at the same time as heading up the sales operation of UK based SAAS provider In-Tuition Networks. As Managing Director of Mistral Internet Group Limited, a UK business Internet Service Provider he lead the growth of the business from £2m to £21m in a 7 year period. This growth was recognised in the Sunday Times Techtrack 100 where Mistral was listed as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies for 4 out of 5 consecutive years. Karl was responsible for driving the organic growth of the business through over 20 sales staff, plus he was instrumental in the acquisition and integration of 9 other businesses before ultimately being involved in the disposal of Mistral to Kingston Communications. Mistral was sold to Kingston Communications in January 2007 and Karl stayed on as Sales Director of the newly formed Internet and Hosting Services division.


When not working, Karl can usually be found riding, racing or tinkering with motorbikes, and spending time with his wife & children.


This recording was made a couple of weeks ago – prior to the GA of vCloud Director – so you might hear us talking about when it get released! The questions I asked Karl were:

  • Would you consider what StratoGen does as “cloud” offering, or merely an extension of conventional hosting?
  • Your organization use Resource Pools as unit of consumption – what made you select this model?
  • Who would say is the main customer, and what do they get from the offering
  • Do you customers come and do site visits – to confirm your infrastructure is fit for use?
  • Have you considered offering your service as DR solution, perhaps including SRM?
  • What do you make of VMware recent move to per-VM licensing for customers?
  • Currently, you give folks direct access to vCenter – do you think you might move to vCSD when it become available.
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