Vendorwag with Panologic - Parmeet Chaddha [Episode 19]

I first came across Panologic at the North Carolina User Summit some years ago, and then again when they presented to the London VMware User Group. I recently did an evaluation of their device and management software. Anyway, of the back that I made a request to do a “vendorwag”. This is a new idea of mine. One week I do a “chinwag” with someone working in the world of virtualization (blogger, author, customer), and the next week I do a “vendorwag” where I do a Q/A with some hardware or software vendor. I’m no Jermery Paxman by the way (for the US he’s a infamous BBC interview who hauls politicians over the coals – video gets funny about 4mins in…), and I don’t intended to give these guys such grilling that they have to seek their local accident and emergency ward. But nonetheless the idea is to have some one who is an independent (that’s me by the way), asking the questions…


This weeks vendorwag is with Parmeet Chaddha of Panologic

Here’s his bio:

As executive vice president of engineering, Parmeet brings more than 20 years of operational and technical leadership experience to Pano Logic and is responsible for leadership of the company’s product development. Prior to joining Pano Logic, Parmeet was CEO and co-founder of MobileVerbs, Inc., a next generation mobile marketing platform, acquired by iLoop Mobile Inc. Before MobileVerbs, Parmeet was CTO of the Applications-on-Demand business unit at IBM, which had acquired Corio, an enterprise application service provider. At Corio, Parmeet held a number of executive positions, including CTO, Senior Vice President and President of Corio India. Parmeet started his career at Oracle, where he served as Director of Tools Development. Parmeet has also served as a consulting advisor to a number of technology companies. Parmeet holds a number of patents and has been widely published in industry and technical trade publications. He holds an M.S. and B.S. from MIT.”


In case you don’t know – Panologic is in the VDI space – and have a zero client with management/brokering backend. These are the questions I asked him:

  1. What exactly is meant by the term Zero Client – and how is different from a ThinClient?
  2. Some of your competitors have what they call a “Zero Client” what makes Panologic different?
  3. There’s been a lot of advancements in protocol support with PCoIP, HDX and RemoteFX on its way – the Pano device supports a maximum of 24-bit colours, do you not see this as a limitation?
  4. In what scenarios/circumstances does a zero client work best?
  5. Is a zero client a good fit for home/remote worker?
  6. Clearly, you want the system to integrate with as many vendors as possible – does this limit that tightness of integration between Panologic and the virtual desktops system…
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