Vendorwag with RES Software - Bob Janssen [Episode 23]


This week’s “Vendorwag” is with Bob Janssen of RES Software. Bob Janssen is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of RES Software. He has been responsible for product vision, strategy and development at RES Software since co-founding the company in 1999. He was instrumental in the creation of RES Software’s flagship products, RES PowerFuse User Workspace Management and RES Wisdom Run Book Automation, released in 1999 and 2005, respectively. During his tenure, RES Software has sold more than one million licenses worldwide. Bob also holds several patents for the solutions he has developed at RES Software.


In the wag I quiz Bob about RES Software’s “PowerFuse” product. Here’s my list of questions I asked him:

  • What precisely is the “workspace” concept
  • Does Res PowerFuse seek to replace Microsoft GPOs/User Profiles/Login Scripts? – and you can you handle the MAPI settings of the users per-user settings
  • By what methods can you ID the device/user?
  • What is “zero profile” mode…?
  • The agent communicates to the “database” what happens if the composer is not available? What do provide to guarantee its availability?
  • What is the “desktop sampler”?
  • When it is it good time to introduce RES PowerFuse
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