Vendorwag with Steve Paravola of Quest Software [Episode 35]


In this week’s Vendorwag, Steve Paravola, Product Marketing Manager of Quest Software discusses Quest’s vOptimizer Pro software and how it can assist customers to:

  • Identifying total amount and value of over-allocated VM storage
  • Reclaim wasted VM storage for use by other applications
  • Automate the resizing of VMs — either larger or smaller
  • Prevent VM outages due to storage shortages
  • Improve VM I/O performance by up to 15% through 64K partition block alignment

Here’s a quick summary of Steve’s background:

  • 30+ years in IT
  • MVS and CICS System Programmer
  • DB2 for z/OS Certified Instructor / Consultant / Support Engineer (SE)
  • Director of ERP/CRM Research for PLATINUM technology
  • 18+ years high-tech marketing and sales experience
  • Product Marketing Manager for vOptimizer Pro and vFoglight Storage
  • Visited hundreds of customers to discuss IT operations and strategies
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