Vendorwag with UShareSoft – James Weir (Founder) [Episode 41]


This week’s Vendorwag is with UShareSoft’s James Weir. James is CTO and co-founder of UShareSoft, responsible for the company’s technology vision, strategy and activities. He has over 13 years experience in operating systems and middleware, specializing in SaaS platforms, cloud computing and virtualisation. Prior to co-founding UShareSoft, James held several software development positions at Sun Microsystems and GEC Marconi.


In case you don’t know – UShareSoft’s UForge Appliance Factory enables users to quickly ramp their software to the cloud by packaging it as a self-contained, cloud-ready image or vApp. UForge automates the creation and maintenance of “ready-to-run” software appliances and templates that can be instantly deployed on physical, virtual or cloud environments…


Here’s the list of questions I asked on the call:

  • Tell me a little about how the company got started..
  • In our call you said you didn’t do “provisioning”. The interesting thing is that word seemed to mean one thing to me, and another to UShareSoft. So what does the word “provisioning” mean to you guys
  • I was intrigued at how the product has a “Bill of Materials”. At the time I assumed that this meant there would be some kind of “ChargeBack” model – is that a direction you would like to go in?
  • I forgot to ask you how you handle networking – do you create VLANs/PortGroups on-demand, and use some kind of appliance to achieve multi-tenancy – How do you stop multiple VMs coming up with same IP?
  • Some “cloud director” technologies – are solely dependent on “templates” for creating new VMs – Does UShareSoft, and what are the limitations of using templates in this way?
  • What’s your target market – private clouds, public clouds, Servicing the Service Provider market?
  • Future directions – at the moment you can add RPMs to linux – what other customization do you want to do in the future…. Currently your a Linux only solution – what plans do you have for support Microsoft as guest-operating system?
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