Vendorwag with Whiptail – James Candelaria [Episode 72]


This weeks Vendorwag is with Whiptail, and I’m very privileged to speak to their CTO, James Candelaria. In case you haven’t come across WhipTail before – they are one those new breed of storage vendors who have opted for an SSD-only approach to array-based storage.


From WhipTail’s website I found this bio for James:


James began his career in high school as a C++ developer, developing SAT preparation software for a small firm in Princeton, NJ. After graduation, James shifted his focus to consulting and spent the next 10 years working in large scale systems design for the Fortune 1000. James founded WhipTail in late 2008 in response to a growing customer demand for high-speed, low latency storage systems to complement large virtualization projects. James currently holds many industry certifications in and around both the storage and virtualization space. James’ passion for all things fast spills over into his home life as well; it is not at all uncommon to see James under the hood of his late model supercharged Corvette or a late 60’s / early 70’s muscle car.


As ever there was a pre-briefing before we did the record, so these are the questions I lined up for James.


Q. There are many new players in the storage market – many are SSD on the front, and SATA at the back. What made Whiptail go for fully solid state? Did you not think the compromise of SSD/SATA gave a good balance between IOPS and capacity?


Q. Many storage vendors are position SDD enabled arrays for VDI. That sounds quite expensive for desktops – are there other applications that where the use of Whiptail might give me more bang for my buck?


Q. What protocols do you support? What would recommend for your system, if the system that was connecting was ESX, HyperV, Citrix Xen or KVM…


Q. Is there sweet spot for the size of array you create – I mean is there an array model/capacity that seems to be most popular. Why is that? 


Q. What it like to manage many WhipTail systems – do you guys do bulk or group administration?


Q. Can you give listeners an idea of where Whiptail is with integration with Vmware – VASA? Rapid Clones for VDI, Replication & SRM…

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