Vendorwag with Wyse - David Angwin [Episode 24]


This week's vendorwag is with Wyse, and the venderwagee is David Angwin.


David is a leading spokesperson on client virtualisation, green IT and emerging cloud-client technologies. With 25 years experience in IT software, hardware and services he is able to speak with authority on client computing choices and their impact. David’s background includes technical and product management, bringing new solutions to market, as well as marketing and business management roles with US and UK-based high-tech companies.


These are the questions I raised with David

  • What is the difference between a Thin Client & Zero Client
  • Some of zero clients have advanced functionality such as Wifi and PCoIP support, and this requires 4MB of firmware, which can remotely updated – some say this then makes these device not true “zero client”. How would you respond to that?  Given that there is some software on the Zenith terminal
  • In our call you said that VDI is good thing, but not if you use PCs to deliver the access method – Can you explain why?
  • You recently launch Xenith for Citrix HDX. Are there any plans to extend Xenith to work with VMware PCoIP?
  • Given now have Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP, and the soon to be released Microsoft RemoteFX, where does that leave the Wyse TCX suite?
  • What does Wyse mean by the “shared PC” concept?
  • What does Wyse mean by the Cloud PC?
  • Recently there was spat between Citrix and VMware surround the “Client Hypervisor” and “local mode” VMs, what’s Wyse position on this development
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