Vendorwag with Xangati – Nathanael Iversen [Episode 39]


This weeks vendorwag if with the guys at Xangati. In particular Nathanael Iversen who is currently Director of  Technical Marketing at Xangati, Inc and works in a variety of technical and product management capacities.  Previously, he has held technical positions at several start-ups, SBC Communications and the US Airforce, giving him intimate knowledge of enterprise and service provider networks and data centers . He blogs at and spends most of his day in virtualization related activities.


In case you don’t know Xangati is performance monitoring and management tool, and it was used by VMware in their labs at VMworld US and VMworld EU. That’s when I first met up with them at Copenhagen, where I was taken back stage before the event opened to see their product in real-time on a live system. Later on I followed that meeting with a web-ex so I could quiz their team a little closely – and that became the basis of this vendorwag.


These are the questions I asked of Nathanael:

  • Initially Xangati started its life a physical appliance, but then became a virtual appliance – what made you make the switch?
  • What sort of network changes are need in vSphere to allow the Xangati virtual appliance to function? What protocols do use to collect data, and why do you use them?
  • I understand that Xangati was used to monitor VMware VMworld Labs in SF/CPH – what sort of scale were you looking at there? Did Xangati spot any problems and help the lab guys fix them…?
  • There are lot of “performance” monitors out there – what are Xangati’s crown jewels? What makes you different?
  • You have your own built-in “Virtual Trouble Ticket” – what is that, and does it integrate with other help desk style ticket raising systems?
  • Your system ‘learns’ expected performance over period of time – how does this cope in the early days/weeks of going live, and how do stop the system “crying wolf”
  • What have been the biggest challenges to introducing Xangati into customers environments
  • What future product functionality are your think about – what are your customers asking for?
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