Vendorwag with Xsigo - Camden Ford [Episode 26]

This week's vendorwag is with Camden Ford of Xsigo.


In the vendorwag I asked the following questions.

  • When people buy Xsigo – what is the main thing they are buying – reduced cables, more pipe or improved management?
  • Some folks are anxious about Xsigo’s use of InfiniBand, perhaps because it’s a technology that they are unfamiliar with. How does Xsigo use IB, and how would you allay their concerns?
  • Some folks might say that “converged networks” and “virtual I/O” is no different say from HP Virtual Connect, Dell FlexAddress and IBM OpenFabrics – how would counter this (mis)perception?
  • Some customers are confused about who should manage this new network – the virtualization guys, the network guys or the storage guys. What’s your take on this management question?
  • What do you think is best fit for a customer using Xsigo? When is it the best time to introduce the technology?
  • Who would say was your main competitor – and how do hit back against them?
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