Vendorwag with Zerto – Gil Levonai [Episode 68]


NOTE: The first couple of minutes of this weeks vendorwag suffers from a bit of Skype latency, where the odd word is lost here and there. However, the call quality does improve massively after the first 2 or 3 minutes. Stick with us!


This weeks vendorwag is with Gil Levonai of Zerto. In case you don’t know Zerto are company that provides replication of VMs for DR purposes – and they use a virtual appliance model to add a replication layer to virtualization – as well as automating the failover and failback for both test and real DR events. In case you haven’t figured it out yet the company name is a pun on the phrase “Zero RTO.


Here’s Gil’s bio:
Gil Levonai is vice president of products for Zerto. He spearheads marketing and product management, supporting the corporate vision by leading the go-to-market strategy. With more than 20 years of experience in various technology management disciplines including marketing, product management, sales, business development and R&D, Gil most recently served as principal at Gil Levonai Strategic Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in high-tech marketing. He previously served as vice president of marketing and strategy at NextNine, a company providing service automation solutions to global enterprises.


Here’s my list of questions…


Q. I was quite struck by some “unique” features in Zerto that haven’t seen elsewhere. The one that really made me smile was the CDP/Journal rollback. Can you explain how this works and give us a quick demo?


Q. Replication in Zerto is “Async” but you also talk about it consistently replicating. I’m confused… I thought asynch meant every N minutes, so how can it be constantly replicating???


Q. There will be some who say that replication is now a commodity – given that many storage vendors now roll that into their products. How would react to such an assertion? Isn’t it really about automation, not replication?


Q. What controls are there if on bandwidth, latency – what happens if a link goes down or WAN link becomes unexpected saturated???


Q. I’m thinking of new future of storage – Cheap, commodity based storage for capacity with no fancy features – with a VA’s on top doing fancy things like backup, DR… Is that the future you see too???


Q. What improvements, enhancements are planned for Zerto? What are customers really asking to be improved or added?

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