Vendorwag with newScale – Rodrigo Flores [Episode 45]


This week’s vendorwag is with Rodrigo Flores, founder of newScale. You can follow Rodrigo on Twitter from here.


newScale are in the cloud automation space, which has been an on-off theme for some months here on RTFM. It’s part of the process of self-education I’m going through – while I think about the cloud and what it may or may not be. I must say I had a bit of epiphany whilst talking with Rodrigo, especially when Rodrigo started to talk about the role of a self-service portal and service catalog in the cloud.


Here’s a bit about Rodrigo’s background:
Rodrigo Flores is the founder and chief technology officer of newScale, Inc. At newScale he founded the service catalog industry by introducing the first software products to design, model, catalog and order IT services. newScale is today recognized as the leader and pioneer in the self-service, service catalog, and lifecycle management market for enterprise IT and private / hybrid cloud computing. Rodrigo brings 21 years of experience in software and product development to newScale. Rodrigo co-authored the book “Defining IT Success through the Service Catalog”. Last fall, newScale won “Best of VMworld” in the category of private cloud computing.


I asked Rodrigo a number of questions – some of them just about cloud generally, and others about newScale technology specifically. Here’s the list of my questions:

  • Do you think the days of people running their own dev / test lab environments is dead, when folks can spin up development VMs on a public cloud like Amazon?
  • Self-service can be scary for some organizations – they are afraid that once they expose resources through self-service, IT will lose control. Self-service is a key tenant for newScale and cloud computing in general, so how does your system account for this?
  • Some cloud providers built their own self-service portal from scratch, using their own engineers and existing tools. Do you see this trend continuing for cloud service providers? Will this work for internal IT shops?
  • Would you say newScale competes or complements with VMware’s vCloud Director – how does it complement?
  • Will cloud sprawl become a problem just like VM sprawl and server sprawl has been?  How can you keep this in check?
  • How do we put a price on a VM within the newScale system? How does newScale support chargeback and billing users by their usage?
  • Tell me more about the new portal that newScale recently announced – what’s new about this? What future product functionality do you see the product having?
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