Vendorwag with vCO Team - Burke Azbill [Episode 37]

This weeks vendorwag I’m chatting to Burke Azbill of the vCO (VMware vCenter Orchestrator) Team. In case you don’t know the vCO Team have launched a brand new blog – in effort to galvanize the VMware Community to use vCO, and in ease the way into using it.

Burke Azbill is an IT professional with 15 years of experience in tech-support, network administration, web development, programming, and automation. He holds certifications from Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, Linux Professional Institute, VMware, and ITIL foundations. He is the founder of and a member of the Cloud Orchestration Services team in VMware’s PSO. As a member of the Dunes staff, he joined VMware as part of the Dunes acquisition at Vmworld 2007.

If you want to visit their site – It’s jam-packed with some great getting started videos!

If you want to follow the vCO Team on the little birdy below!

I learned TWO really big thing about vCO whilst we did our vendorwag.

Firstly, I had always assumed that vCO was read-only to ALL customers, and you need a special license to make it customizable. I was SO wrong. I clearly needed my ears emptied of wax or my brain wasn’t engaged. It turns out in the lower SKU’s vCO is indeed a read-only environment, but for customers who are on the Std/Adv/Ent/Ent+ SKUs vCO is bundled with vCenter fully functional at no additional charge… DOH!

Secondly, did you know Onyx from VMware outputs JavaScript as well as PowerCLI code. In case you don’t know – Onyx is a free utility from VMware that acts like a “macro-recorder” intercepting your clicks through the vSphere client into raw PowerCLI code. Since 2.0 it also outputs in JavaScript as well – which means you need not learn JavaScript to necessarily get started with vCO. ACE!

This weeks vendorwag introduces a brand new format. Previous vendorwags have just been split-screen videos recorded via Skype of me interviewing the vendor. After giving this some thought it seems rather stupid to have a vendor present without them being able to show/explain/answer questions – with the product at hand. So as part of an experiment I’ve been seeing if I could get both the product and the two-heads in one video. It’s a bit crude at the moment to be honest, and will get more polished as time goes on… But this first one will give you an idea of the direction I hope to go in future.

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