Vendorwag with vKernel – Bryan Semple [Episode 59]


I’ve been meaning to have vKernel on the vendorwag for sometime (well, months and months actually). Back in June I had chance to hear them present at the Boston TechField Day arranged by Stephen Foskett so it was an opportunity to become reacquainted again. On top of watching them present at the TFD, I made a point of doing a private webex with Bryan as part of the prep for this weeks vendorwag. To be honest it has more of a chinwag feel – as we dispensed with the PowerPoint-Elevator-Pitch/Demo, and just launched in to the QA directly.


Firstly, a bit about Brian:

A 15+ year high-tech veteran, Bryan has spent the last 8 years working in server and storage companies focused on virtualization technologies. Semple comes to VKernel from NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) where he was the general manager of the storage virtualization business unit. Under his leadership, the group experienced record growth, expanded engineering operations to India, and built global awareness for NetApp’s industry leading storage virtualization solutions. Prior to NetApp, Bryan was VP of Marketing at Onaro where he established the company as a leader in storage management software and built the marketing processes that supported the company’s profitability and successful acquisition by NetApp in 2008. Before Onaro, Bryan was the VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at server blade virtualization pioneer Egenera. At Egenera, Bryan worked with early adopters of infrastructure and server virtualization technologies in the financial services industry as the company scaled from one to several hundred customers. Early career experience includes various sales and marketing management positions at FairMarket, Trellix and Sybase. Bryan holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from Stanford University.


Anyway, here’s my list of questions:

  • At the techfield day you demo’d the “VM Reservation” feature – can you explain what it does, and how it came developed over time…
  • Recently, whilst I was the San Deigo VMUG I had chat with a member there, about his over specified VMs from a P2V that was done some years ago. How does vkernel find wasted resources and recoup them so they can be used else where (Good chance to mention waste finding, zombie VMs, and abandoned VMs)
  • What barriers are you seeing to the take up of chargeback?
  • Some folks seem overwhelmed by the alarms and alerts in vCenter – what are you doing to help them…?
  • How do you see what vKernel does in relation to the cloud – what sort of information do you think cloud consumers will want to see – should they even care?
  • What’s your take on VMware vRAM licensing – I see you wrote an article all about it?
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