vNews – 25th May, 2010

Welcome to this months vNews, and what with me being on holiday during this time – there is lots to report. Did the vendors know I was on my holidays – and release stuff just as I board the plane? Anyway, I’m back from Crete where I took my break – whilst I was there I took out the time to walk/hike the Somaria Gorge, which is allegedly the longest gorge in Europe. Somewhere between 16-18km in length – you drop a couple of 1,000m within the first couple of kilometers. So it was down hill all the way you say – easy-peasy. Not so my friend. I almost lost both toenails from each of my feet! So this vNews is well earned chance to rest my butt and those toes nails – and work my way through all the blog posts and announcements. I had nearly 300 unread posts in my feed-burner – so it took some whittling away to get to this content. Enjoy!


If you want the PowerPoint of this vNews so you can rip it off and present at your User Group – feel free – just give me some credit…


In this months vNews I cover:


IDC Report into the growth of virtualization


The New VMware Certified Advanced Professional tracks


The Alleged End of VMware Server


Change Block Tracking Backup Bug (


VMware VUM and HP SIM Woes (vinternals)


VMware ESX Security Hardening Guide


New NFS Best Practices White Paper from VMware


Troubleshooting VMware Snapshots Whitepaper


vSphere 4.1 Feature Leak


Top 10 Free vSphere/ESX Utilities (


VMware Toolbar


Microsoft Dynamic Memory Primers (Part 1 of 5)


Microsoft Virtualization Profitability Toolkit (Partners Only)


Best Practise Analyser for App-V


Best Practise Analyser for Hyper-V R2


Citrix Client Hypervisor – XenClient


Burton Group – Compare of XenDesktop vs View


EMC vPlex – Long Distance VMotion


New EMC/vCenter Storage Plug-ins


NetApp Long Distance VMotion


NetApp DeDupe Calculations (

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