vNews – 30th June, 2010

Welcome to vNews a monthly round-up of what’s been happening in the virtualization space. This months is quite heavily dominated by stuff from VMware, but does include stuff from Microsoft, EMC, NetApp and quick survey of the bloggersphere…


Below are the links that used to build the vNews, so you don’t need to download the PPT to get to the links. I guess by looking at these links you can see what the topics are going to be in the vNews..


VMware wins awards at TechEd


VMware in the Magic Quadrant


VMware DCAP – DataCenter Admin Exam Experiences -


VMware Courses on vSphere4


VMware Management Products on 64-bit Windows


VMware Storage IO Control


VMware VMDirect Path – For and Against1 (Chad Sakac) and Against2 (Scott Drummonds)


VMware & Novell – Independent Response (vinternals), Microsoft Response, VMware Reply


VMware Update 2 and PCoIP Bug


Microsoft Hyper-V Architecture Poster


Microsoft Ebooks – Including Virtualization (Virtualboy)


Microsoft Dynamic Memory in Depth from TechEd (Virtualboy)


EMC and Microsoft Think Big


EMC RecoverPoint Virtual Appliance


EMC Atmos Virtual Appliance


The Future of NetApp – SilconAngle, Scott Lowe


From the Bloggersphere -


TechHead Reviews of Lenovo TS200 ThinkServer and Dell Equalogic PS4000


Eric Sloof – Resource Pools as Folders is dangerous


vCO Blog


Duncan Epping – Swapping and the vmkernel


The Work-At-Home Robot

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