vNews – April 14th, 2010

Hi there, and welcome to this months vNews. This was delivered to a live (well, they were at the beginning!) audience at yesterdays – Leeds VMUG. I stated putting vNews online initially for folks who couldn’t make the UG event.  If you don’t know vNews is round up of virtualization news from the last month – and when delivered to a small group – it can be used to stimulate debate. For sure some of the content is pure raw news, but other stuff is contentious enough that  might stimulate discussions. If you want to take the PowerPoints that make up vNews and use them at your own user group – then feel free to download them there here (just remember to mention my name & give credit where credit is due).


In this month’s vNews I cover:

  • VMware new independent global VMUG
  • VMware Script-o-Mania Contest winners
  • VMware discounts vSphere Essentials
  • Up and Coming and VMware joint venture
  • Citrix XenApp6, Branch Repeater VPX, Idle Virtual Desktops
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop License changes
  • Microsoft enhancements to Hyper-V via SP1 – including RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory
  • The Sysprep SID Duplication Myth
  • Updates from EMC and NetApp
  • Round up of interesting blogs from the sphere…


Below is all the links embedded in the PowerPoint/Video


1st Place: Alan Renouf: Who Created that VM ?
2nd Place: William Lam: vAppManagement
3rd Place: Arnim V Lieshout: Get-VMDiskMapping



NetApp: Are VM Admins becoming Storage Admins -

Server Consolidation Debate: Scott Lowe Vs Steve Chambers also Duncan Epping
Pivot (Scott Drummond)
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