vNews – March 2010

Hi there, and welcome to this months vNews. A monthly round up of what’s going on in the world of virtualization. Yeah, I scan all the blogs – filter out what I can and then regurgitate it for you pleasure. Doesn't that sound nice. I do these occasionally for the user groups I speak at. It’s part news, part tips and part personal rant.


If you want the PowerPoints they are here… and if you just want the links they are here:


VMware + EMC Eats Itself

VI3.5 Support


Chris Wolf’s take on VMware’s cherry picking of EMC Ionix


Iomega vClone


TrainSignal vSphere4 Pro Series


NetApp & VMware vSphere – Best Practises

vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide – PDF Version

Foundations for Cloud Computing with vSphere4

vSphere Session Montor 2.0

Xtravirt RDP vSphere4 Plug-in

VMware PEX – Transparent Memory Compression (TMC)

Microsoft – Linux Integration Tools for RHEL

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack/64-bit App-V 4.6




Citrix release virtual appliances

vPivot – How you cannot trust performance data inside the guest operating sysem

vPivot – Using the Paravirtual SCSI Adapter – Performance Implictations

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