vNews – May, 2012

With Mike Laverick of RTFM Education and Stu McHugh of


There’s going to be bit of delay in getting all the versions of vNews out in a timely fashion. I had a long weekend because of the Jubilee Celebrations here in the UK, and didn’t get round to re-encoding until my flight to the US on Monday…


I’m in a hotel in Menlo Park, CA where the upload speeds are dismal. I’m writing this from the nearest Starbucks where surprising the upload speeds are pretty good.


So first out of the trap will be the YouTube edition. When I get back to the UK on Saturday I will upload/publish the rest.


In this months vNews we cover one blog who has a sexy new look to his piece of cyberspace… we also take a look at…

  • VMworld Voting Opens
  • New View 5.0 Book from VMware Press
  • Gabrie Van Zanten shexy new site…
  • From Eric Sloof – the new VMware icon library, Enabling Storage Accelator, vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Case Study
  • Andre Liebovici’s What’s New in View 5.1
  • …. on the vendor start of the house we look at…
  • More on VMware View 5.1 release
  • VMware’s membership of the Open Compute Project
  • VMware Insight Magazine
  • How VMware View is leading the SMB Market
  • VMware acquires Wanova
  • SAP for Virtualization
  • HyperV’s so called “Secret Weapon”
  • Books, Training and Little Bit of Citrix…


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