vNews – November 2011

It’s BACK. The first vNews in a very long time. To tell you the truth doing the vNews became a mega chore with it taking a day to collate all the information and put together the PowerPoints. As my workload went up with books and such like, it had to go. Anyway, one fine day at the London User Group I was cornered by Stu McHugh (who has been on my chinwag) – and was telling me how much he missed the vNews, and if I would bring back.


There’s nothing like the encouragement of others – and the input of others. So the vNews has a new co-presenter – none other than Stu McHugh who runs the blog and he’s also on Twitter on @stu_mchugh. The ideas is that two people will make it more interesting as we discuss the news…


The vNews is split between bloggers & vendors – I’ve chosen to watch the blogs, and Stu’s doing the vendors. So by splitting it 50:50 its helped make it more doable for me.


As ever you welcome to download the vNews PPT file for use at your VMUG. Just give credit where credit is due – and name check the source & me & Stu. All the links mentioned in the vNews are in the PPT as well. I could cut them out and put them here to click – that would save you downloading a couple of MB for a link. But to be honest that would be too much work. I’m typing this on the free WiFi at Hong Kong airport after 12hr flight, waiting for connection to Brisbane – so extracting links doesn’t feel like a big priority right now…


This months vNews includes contributions from Nick Weaver, Eric Sloof, Chad Sakac, Simon Long, Forbes Gutherie, Duncan Epping, Scott Lowe, and Mike Dipetrillo. On the vendors side we have MS Office 365, HyperV 3.0, Citrix winning awards, Citrix & Cisco telephony partnerships, VMware Fling: ESX System Analyser, and VMware & Telifonica Partnership

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