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Testing your vRealize Suite knowledge

There was a lot more to VMware's announcement of vRealize Suite at VMworld 2014. Are you caught up with all the features and name changes?

Just when you thought you knew everything about VMware, there was a turn. When the company announced the vRealize Suite at VMworld 2014 in Europe, it included a bevy of name changes for products that have been bundled into VMware's first hybrid cloud management platform. 

The vRealize Suite gives customers a way to deploy and manage virtual machines on multiple hypervisors and cloud platforms from a single management console.

Products like vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Operations Management are still around, but have new names. In addition to the automation tools, VMware also added a component -- IT Business Management Suite -- that measures the costs associated with running a cloud environment.

How well do you know all of the name changes and the options VMware is offering in vRealize Suite?

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